10′ seconds on MTV HD

10' seconds on MTV

Here is my entry for the swatchmtvplayground competition.
I wanted to do something with the logo of MTV, so I decided to work with the elements (earth wind fire and water). The basic idea was to create a loop between the different elements thatcould go on and on. Unfortunatly I soon realised there was no way Icould fit it all in to 10 seconds. Therefore I focused on the firstpart of it: water/ice. Perhaps different parts could be show at different commercial breaks during a program.
The next step would have been earth, the ice would melt revealingearth. As soon as we see the earth plants and grasses quickly grow onit. Showing the MTV logo in different colors. After the logo is filledwith vegetations it suddenly starts burning. The next element: fire. Asit burns down the ground the logo is still visible in different kind offlames yellow and blue. From its ashes the next element wind rises.Like an airballoon, forming the logo. As is filled up with air the windcatch it and takes it away. So we are left with an empty space again.Where the water comes up again from under the ground, closing the loop.

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