Turntable of main character

This entry is an unfinished project. What you see here is a rough storyboard to illustrate the concept and also to get an idea of what the animation could look and feel like. My aim is to create a short (30") 3D animation based on the graphics and stylism of my drawings.

About the story. I came up with this idea while waiting for a red light in the city. To me time was standing still. This is where my story starts.

It's also about a boy waiting for a red light in a city on a rainy day. All of a sudden, he notices a shiny little star floating right in front of him. It seems to be speaking: "I am time". Astonished he leans forward. "Push me" it continues. Fascinated by this curious little thing, the boy flings it. Beams of colored light come out and lift him into the sky. At first he doesn't really understand what is happening but afterwards he is enjoying his trip on this huge colorful rollercoaster.

As sudden as it all got started, everything fades in a big white flash. The boy opens his eyes. He is still standing there, waiting on the pavement. The light already turned green. In a hurry people are passing him by.

My interpretation of time is something ever changing and extremely colorful. A playful entity. If it moves, it looks like a collection of different timelines all flying in the same direction. Like snakes gliding and twisting around each other. In addition to this, these timelines have small moving parts of their own, so the result of all this moving will be chaotic and overwhelming. Animating in 3D will enhance this effect.


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