Valkyrie WIP

Work In Progress / 22 May 2024

Bob the Barbarian

Work In Progress / 27 April 2024

I dug up this old project with the idea of using it for a 3D printing Kickstarter campaign. It's one of two characters, both with dragons. And it's been pretty cool diving into Blender to work on it again.

Supercell Challenge part 1

Work In Progress / 29 September 2020

As a clash royale player I am giving the supercell challenge a shot. Here is a wip :). 

here is a render of the water fairy and a frog. I removed a lot of details in her dress in order to simplify the overall look. The colors still need to change  and also need to put back the pink in her hair.

Frogs like to wear crowns to make people believe they are a prince and just need a kiss from a girl to become human again:)