General / 12 January 2021

third wip on Yann de Preval, Buri concept. You can find the original concept Yann de Preval (@yanndepreval) • Instagram photos and videos   


General / 30 December 2020

Second wip on Yann de Preval, Buri concept. You can find the original concept Yann de Preval (@yanndepreval) • Instagram photos and videos  

next up I did hands, 

After this I continued nudging everything for a couple of hours till I was happy enough. Then I needed to move on rendered a turntable in zbrush and one in Maya where it will be rendered in the end.

Next I'll retopo  everything where I'll clean up most parts that have awfull topology at the moment.


General / 27 December 2020

Decided to enter the Animschool Challenge and choose Yann de Preval, Buri concept. You can find the original concept Yann de Preval (@yanndepreval) • Instagram photos and videos 

I tried to record the progress as I am moving along, at the moment I am +-8 hours in the zbrush phase...

#SculptItYourself challenge

General / 13 December 2020

Here is a wip on progress for rafagrasetti's character challenge: fantasy creatures. For this I wanted to portray one of the deadly sins in form of a person. Inspired by the Midas story I wanted to create an old sick creature consumed by his greed... 

Barbarian & Dragon

General / 03 December 2020

First rough sketch of a good hearted no so clover barbarian with his loyal dragon friend :)


Supercell Challenge part 2

General / 12 October 2020

The time is up for the modeling and texturing, some parts definitely need some extra tweaks but that will be after the rigging...Need to move on 

Supercell Challenge part 1

Work In Progress / 29 September 2020

As a clash royale player I am giving the supercell challenge a shot. Here is a wip :). 

here is a render of the water fairy and a frog. I removed a lot of details in her dress in order to simplify the overall look. The colors still need to change  and also need to put back the pink in her hair.

Frogs like to wear crowns to make people believe they are a prince and just need a kiss from a girl to become human again:)

Mystery box challenge; mischievous

General / 27 July 2020

Wip I did for the Artstation mystery box challenge. I was looking for a more comic book style of rendering. Although the challenge is already done would love to try out some panels. This one was mischievous theme, for this I went for punk graffiti artist.

mermay man wip

General / 21 May 2019

decided to join the mermay challenge :)
early wip

Loish fan art

General / 17 May 2019

This is a project I started a while ago but haven't finished so i put it here so i don't forget to finish it one day :).
One of the main comments that i already received was that the face was too generic and lost most of the style of the original.