mermay man wip

General / 21 mai 2019

decided to join the mermay challenge :)
early wip

Loish fan art

General / 17 mai 2019

This is a project I started a while ago but haven't finished so i put it here so i don't forget to finish it one day :).
One of the main comments that i already received was that the face was too generic and lost most of the style of the original. 


General / 29 novembre 2018

Early wip on Akuma. I am gonna try to illustrate in a few renders how he lost his humanity and became a demon.

character design challenge

General / 17 septembre 2018

This months theme of the character design challenge was candy people. Couldn't resist to enter :). 

witch almost there

General / 09 septembre 2018

I think i am almost there with the witch but feedback and critique are still welcome :)

first test for the interior of the house 

Candy look dev

General / 29 août 2018

some lookdev on the imaginary friends of the witch. Shapes will change according too the candy :) 

WIP the witch house

General / 07 juillet 2018

Here is a wip of the witch house of Hansel and Grettel. I received already comments on the camera angle and that the house didn't look actually  like made of candy so probably I will fix that, maybe try more chocolate or gingerbread . Comments and feedback welcome :).



Rendertest witch Hansel and Grettel

General / 24 juin 2018

Rendertest witch Hansel and Grettel, still in t pose. comment and feedback welcome :).

wip of LLahmi

General / 23 juin 2018

based of the concept of Ayran Oberto 

Still quiet a lot to do and fix

Desert Store

General / 31 mai 2018

Here are some wip shots of a desert sun glass store.  One day I might finish it and put some colors on it :).