Supercell Challenge part 2

General / 12 October 2020

The time is up for the modeling and texturing, some parts definitely need some extra tweaks but that will be after the rigging...Need to move on 

Mystery box challenge; mischievous

General / 27 July 2020

Wip I did for the Artstation mystery box challenge. I was looking for a more comic book style of rendering. Although the challenge is already done would love to try out some panels. This one was mischievous theme, for this I went for punk graffiti artist.

mermay man wip

General / 21 May 2019

decided to join the mermay challenge :)
early wip

Loish fan art

General / 17 May 2019

This is a project I started a while ago but haven't finished so i put it here so i don't forget to finish it one day :).
One of the main comments that i already received was that the face was too generic and lost most of the style of the original. 


General / 29 November 2018

Early wip on Akuma. I am gonna try to illustrate in a few renders how he lost his humanity and became a demon.

character design challenge

General / 17 September 2018

This months theme of the character design challenge was candy people. Couldn't resist to enter :). 

witch almost there

General / 09 September 2018

I think i am almost there with the witch but feedback and critique are still welcome :)

first test for the interior of the house 

Candy look dev

General / 29 August 2018

some lookdev on the imaginary friends of the witch. Shapes will change according too the candy :) 

WIP the witch house

General / 07 July 2018

Here is a wip of the witch house of Hansel and Grettel. I received already comments on the camera angle and that the house didn't look actually  like made of candy so probably I will fix that, maybe try more chocolate or gingerbread . Comments and feedback welcome :).



Rendertest witch Hansel and Grettel

General / 24 June 2018

Rendertest witch Hansel and Grettel, still in t pose. comment and feedback welcome :).